• Mallee Park Sport and Recreation Cultural & Social Club
    Sports, Recreational, Cultural, Social and Community events.
    Clubrooms & Catering - Available for hiring for weddings, birthdays, private functions, meetings, conferences and forums.
    BBQ facilities, Bar facilities, Surround sound system, cordless & fixed microphone, DJ Panel, Surround TV, Video
    Activities Football, 8 Ball, Darts, Netball, Cricket, All sporting activities, Cultural activities & Social Events.
    Seaton Avenue, Port Lincoln 5606
    Tel 08 8683 0534, Fax 08 8683 0533 
  • Contact Details                                                             
  • Manager:  Scott Kropinyeri   Work Hours - 86830162
  • President:  John (Joe) Burgoyne   
  • Vice President:  To be decided
  • Secretary:  Desarae Clements
  • Treasurer:  Truus Valcic                  
  • SA Office of Recreation & Sport
    To provide sporting and recreation programs throughout the communities and homelands within the Wangka Wilurrara Regional Council boundaries.
    30 Ravendale Rd, Port Lincoln 5606
    Tel 08 8683 1527, Fax 08 8682 6616
  • Sports Development Officer
    Getting Aboriginal people into different sports, Adding sports to the Mallee Park Sporting and Social Club, Joining and making committees, Getting involved with sporting activities for the young, Finding funding for community, state & national competitions
    All sporting competitions, Local, state & national competitions, Committees, Administration.
    30 Ravendale Rd, Port Lincoln 5606
    Tel 08 8682 6677, Fax 08 8682 6616
  • AFL players from our region
    We are very proud of the achievements of the football players from our region who have gone on to very successful careers in the AFL. These players are great role models for the youth in our region.